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Art of the Wristlock


Aikido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt Roy Dean presents a comprehensive overview of wristlocks on this 2 DVD set.  Disc I covers 7 basic techniques of Aikido, clearly explained and demonstrated, including variations influenced by Roy Dean’s training in Japanese Jujutsu and BJJ.  Wristlocks specifically for groundfighting, blackbelt demonstrations in aiki arts and competition footage are also included.

Disc II contains 3 seminars held at the beautiful Yosokan Dojo in Monterey, California. The first covers basic BJJ techniques and their correlation to Aikido movements.  The second connects standing wristlocks with BJJ groundwork, and the third is a no gi grappling clinic that explores footlocks and lower body submissions.

This DVD contains no region codes and is available for playback worldwide.

What the critics say

It’s an outstanding production with a series of technical instructions for pulling off moves I guarantee very few people are using right now in BJJ. Roy Dean is the gold standard of BJJ instructional DVD’s right now in my opinion.

- KO Reviews

Short review: THE DVD to get for incorporating aikido and small circle jiu-jitsu principles into your BJJ or vice versa.

- Formosa Neijia

The beauty of Roy’s work is that it is new ground to everyone - bjj and tma practitioners alike.I can personally say that all of the wristlock material on this set was new to me.

- BJJ Norcal

Whether you are an Aikidoka seeking some information about Brazilian Jiu jitsu, or a ground grappler seeking some info on Aikido, or wrist locks, you won’t be disappointed.

- Chris Hein (Central Valley Aikido)

It hurts to say this (because I want to keep this aspect of grappling all to myself), but I give this DVD two thumbs up.

- Stephan Kesting (,